Sunday, July 5, 2009

-- Strawberry Not-so-Shortcake --

Spring and early Summer are the best times to get great strawberries. You can always find them at the supermarket but you will get the most ripe, sweet and often organic ones at local farmer's markets - You'll notice the difference once you bite into them; the inside is red instead of white like the store-bought kind. Strawberries can be used in so many ways when baking. I like to combine a sweeter frosting with some fresh fruit to balance out flavors.

I created this french vanilla cake with a strawberry filling and a vanilla buttercream frosting for a late spring BBQ. To finish it off I piped some green vines and added some fresh fruit. Note, when using strawberries do not cut them like I did! Buy smaller ones that can just be attached to the cake so they don't 'ooze' on the frosting'. This recipe works great with raspberries too.

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