Wednesday, September 2, 2009

-- Smart Art --

I love art and enjoy everything from impressionism to surrealism to pop art to modernism. They are all so unique that it's hard to pick a favorite style. As a kid, I would spend hours creating pictures that I would then hand off to loved ones as tokens of appreciation. I had dozens of boxes of crayons and fancy watercolor pencils that I loved more than any toy or doll I owned. If I was given a present, I wanted it to be something crafty.

I started oil painting in high school and continued doing so until I went to college. Then life got crazy. I didn't have the space for an easel and buying oil paints and fancy canvases no longer factored into my college student budget (after all, I WAS attending business school, not art school).

I began painting again after I started working. I needed a creative avenue and some form of stress relief. I purchased a condo and after spending most of my cash on furniture, I realized that spending hundreds (if not thousands) on art work was out of the question. Who did they think I was, Rockefeller?!

So I gathered up all my courage and grabbed a paint brush for the first time in 5 years. Surprisingly, similar to riding a bike, at first I felt a little uneasy and frustrated but once I got into it, it all came back!

I honestly believe you don't have to be an 'artist' to the create art work. We all had some sort of elementary art class. It doesn't have to perfect, it doesn't have to be beautiful. Art comes in so many shapes and sizes; its subjective and THAT is the beauty of it. Just grab a canvas, some brushes and paint away! If you need inspiration, go to a museum and explore different styles. Plus, you'll have so much more to talk about when you have guests over and they see a painting you created vs. a boring white wall!

Here are a few pictures of art pieces I created. I am obsessed with flowers and nature but you can find your inspiration anywhere. If you don't feel creative enough to come up with something completely unique, look at an artist you like and create some sort of replica in their honor. As long as you are not trying to sell it or pass it off as an original I'm sure the artist would be flattered. The picture at the top is inspired from one created by a Swedish artist, Carolina Alotus. I'm a huge fan. The others, are original pieces.

To come, a posting on more modern pieces...

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